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Lawson Foundation Grant Hopes To Make Playgrounds Riskier, Less Safe

Taken from the Huffpost Alberta

If one Canadian foundation gets its way, outdoor playgrounds will be a riskier and more unstructured place for kids.

On Thursday, the Lawson Foundation announced its Outdoor Play Strategy which includes $2.7 million in grants, to be spent on developing outdoor play programs across Canada.

Article in The Age features members of Play Australia

Giving kids a say is important when it comes to playground redevelopment:

When consultants Ric McConaghy and Justin Staggard are called in to work with councils on playground redevelopment, what kids want is at the forefront of their minds.

New South Wales-based McConaghy and Staggard, who lives in Victoria, both worked in the public sector before setting up businesses that have designed award-winning playgrounds for children across Australia.

Play Australia Member Community Arts Project - Cochrane Stories

Cochrane Stories is the second grass roots community arts project coordinated by Lindy de Wijn in collaboration with Darebin’s Playspace upgrades. The first was Lahinch Vessels in Lahinch Reserve in 2013. Cochrane Stories was completed in 2015 and integrated into the playspace upgrade at T. A Cochrane Reserve, Collier Street Preston.

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