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Member Services

Play Australia provides information and support in the provision of accessible and safe outdoor play opportunities for the community and children in particular.

Our services at a glance

  • Promote better designs, planning and development of play opportunities and playgrounds.
  • Represent the play sector on the Australian Standards Committee – CS – 005. The Play Australia Executive Director is the Chair of this Committee.
  • Provide resources, information and advice about play, playgrounds and play opportunities.
  • Facilitate audits & assessments of playgrounds and play equipment.
  • Consultation with organisations and individuals on issues relating to play.
  • Collect, disseminate, exchange and refer information about play and play environments
  • Present training programs for all sectors of the play community.
  • Research into the use of playgrounds and their value.
  • Coordinate special projects and activities including seminars, forums, policy development, research, presentations.

Advice and Support

Play Australia provides expert advice and support to our members and those who have an interest in children and community playspace opportunities. Through our extensive networks and membership, Play Australia can assist with specific support on any matter relating to creating and maintaining safe play experiences for children, families and the community.


Play Australia provides consultancy on all aspects of playspace development and support, including:

  • Technical support
  • Policy development advice, risk management
  • Advocacy strategies
  • Management procedures
  • Maintenance planning

Please contact us for details on our consultancy services and  how we can assist you in your playspace planning and development.

Referral Services

Through our extensive network in Australia and around the world, Play Australia can refer members to many different and varied services and resources as requested, including:

  • Landscape architects
  • Playground designers
  • Suppliers and manufacturers
  • Risk assessors
  • Insurance providers
  • Building and construction services
  • Maintenance suppliers
  • And much more…..

Member Activities

Play Australia provides regular activities throughout the year to ensure that members and those involved in the play sector can be kept up-to-date on the latest trends and current issues on playspace development. Professional development is a vital component of our membership services, and we will keep members updated regularly on upcoming activities.

Forums and E-news

Play Australia regularly runs forums relating to key issues as they arise, particularly as a key part of the consultation and participation of members in the Standards development process. Play Australia will keep members updated on any current and relevant issues through regular e-news.


Play Australia is available to offer key experts in our industry to provide public presentations for many different topics to meet your specific needs. Our Executive Director, Barbara Champion, regularly makes presentation on request from groups of people involved in the development, management and maintenance of playspaces from across Australia. Please contact us for more information on presentations available, and how Play Australia can create a specialised presentation to meet your needs.