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Chalk messages are lifting spirits in the community

HOPPY in North Melbourne!

Our Executive Director Barb Champion came across this great piece of street art yesterday.  How it lifted her spirits! 

Children are using their creativity and compassion by leaving inspiring messages on our footpaths. How good is it to see them outside, while playing it safe with physical distancing and helping to support our wellbeing through this great outdoor activity.  

When you're out on your local streets and see something like this too, take a pic and post on our Play Australia Facebook page! 

Share the love people! 

For more ideas on how to encourage children's play during social/physical distancing, head to our website's new page 'Building Connection & Play through COVID-19' and click on 'How We Play Today' for a curated list of ideas from all around the world. We're in this together!

Check out this ABC News article by Yara Murray-Atfield.  Our young people inspiring us all.