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Nature - delivered in a box!

Nurture in Nature has just launched a novel way to encourage and inspire outdoor play and nature connection for families and early learning environments

With their hands on Nature Bus incursions delivering outdoor play and nature inspired learning programs having been put on hold during the COVID-19 crisis, they’ve been thinking outside the box and have been busy putting together little boxes of snail mail nature inspired goodness.

Each month there will be a NEW Nature Treasure Box available with a different nature inspired play and learning theme.

loose parts play

Chalk messages are lifting spirits in the community

HOPPY in North Melbourne!

Our Executive Director Barb Champion came across this great piece of street art yesterday.  How it lifted her spirits! 

Children are using their creativity and compassion by leaving inspiring messages on our footpaths. How good is it to see them outside, while playing it safe with physical distancing and helping to support our wellbeing through this great outdoor activity.  

When you're out on your local streets and see something like this too, take a pic and post on our Play Australia Facebook page! 

Radio interview with IPA's Robyn Monro Miller and Maggie Dent

Building cubbies, make-believe, dressing up - while it might just look like fun and games, play is actually crucial for your child's development. The problem is, as Australian kids spend more time at school, on their screens and in structured activities, they're not playing enough! 

Maggie Dent talks with expert Robyn Monro Miller about why kids of all ages need to play more.


Mud, Mud, Mud! The internet’s largest list of muddy activities for children and families.

When it comes to children and play, mud is a beautiful thing.

If you think about it, mud is Mother Nature's original sensory play medium and it's been around since the dawn of mankind - way before parents ever thought about the notion of "sensory play"!).

This gloriously mucky yet versatile substance has been used worldwide by countless indigenous artists, as well as builders and construction experts. This continues to be the case even today.