Play Today Covid-19 Edition

Let's Play Today!

building connection & play through covid-19

Find ideas to stay CONNECTED and keep PLAYING through the current pandemic.

Now more than ever before, we must help our children PLAY TODAY so we all can experience a better tomorrow.


Building community and family connection

Whether you’re in isolation or navigating your community with distance, it’s important we build and retain CONNECTIONS with our fellow community and family members, particularly those that are more vulnerable.

Strong ties with family, friends and the community provide people with happiness, security, support and a sense of purpose. Research shows that being connected to others is important for mental wellbeing and can be a protective factor against anxiety and depression

Beyond Blue, Connections Matter, 2020

Here are some ideas about building community and family connections.

How we play today

At a time where we all may be feeling isolated or anxious, we have the responsibility to uphold "the child’s right to play" every day to support the growth of for their health and wellbeing.

As adults, we have the responsibility to provide PERMISSION, TIME and SPACE for our children to play freely every day, so they can make sense of the world in their own way, at their own pace.

Barb Champion, Executive Director - Play Australia

Here are some ideas to help our children play today.

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