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Play luminary Brian Sutton-Smith leaves us a legacy to last long after his lifetime.  Click here for a tribute to his lasting contribution to play.

Play Australia Training Program 2015

Welcome to the launch of the NEW Play Australia
2015 Training and Professional Development Calendar

Play Australia delivers a national training program and provides professional development opportunities for members.

Training program

Play Australia’s training program:

  • increases understanding and advances advocacy skills to further promote the value of play
  • provides specialised knowledge and the skills needed in the workplace today
  • includes presentations from people with leading expertise across relevant industry sectors
  • caters to the needs of participants by bringing the ‘play’ back into adult learning
  • remains relevant, up to date and cutting edge!

Play Australia currently provide the following training programs - 

Playspace development: design, management, maintenance
Outdoor play in the early years

Play Australia also offer onsite and tailored training -

Onsite training
Tailored training for members

Professional development

Play Australia provide the following networking opportunities and ongoing support for members -

Local Government Play Network
Member forums

Further information

For further information on Training @ Play Australia, please contact:

Ellen Regos
Training Development Coordinator
Play Australia
0438 856 322