Mud, Mud, Mud! The internet’s largest list of muddy activities for children and families.

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 06/23/2019 - 15:13

When it comes to children and play, mud is a beautiful thing.

If you think about it, mud is Mother Nature's original sensory play medium and it's been around since the dawn of mankind - way before parents ever thought about the notion of "sensory play"!).

This gloriously mucky yet versatile substance has been used worldwide by countless indigenous artists, as well as builders and construction experts. This continues to be the case even today.

And so, it's about time this humble yet wondrous brown stuff was given its dues! Well, child and parent play resource, Muddy Smiles, has done just that.

They got their hands dirty, creating the internet's largest list of muddy activities for kids. More than 50 activity are listed and linked so that families can easily find a fun, frugal and mud-caked idea to while away the afternoon.

There is a mud art section which harnesses the unique textures and colors of this mucky medium; a construction section which will get young builders going by teaching them how to construct their own bricks; a food and cooking section to spark the imagination of muddy chiefs; a learning section where STEAM subjects are brought to life with delightfully dirty hands on activities; and finally, there are sensory play ideas which take mud and supercharge it with fizz!

Whether it’s just you and your toddler at home looking for an hour’s fun, or if you need a way to entertain 12 kids at a birthday, MUD may just be the answer.

Go forth and get muddy, guys!