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Children, Play & Crisis

Presented by Robyn Monro Miller as part of the Autumn Online Learning Series

Source: Robyn Monro Miller

Member Profile - Brendan Hyndman

Source: Play Australia Autumn Member Newsletter May 2022

The Pandemic Play Project - documenting kids' culture during COVID-19

"The Pandemic Play Project came about because of a moment in history shared by people around the globe, coupled with a recognition of the importance of play in children's lives. This project explored the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the play lives of Australian children. Because of coronavirus restrictions, it was carried out almost entirely online, during one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world. In 2020, some Australian children spent more time in lockdown than at school with their friends. This highlighted differences in play opportunities, based on where they lived. It also revealed the creative efforts that enabled children to stay playful at home during lockdown. In schoolyards around Australia, the coronavirus permeated children’s play as they adapted their games, rhymes and songs to this new theme, and played according to new rules that were not of their own making, and therefore outside their control."

Authors: Judy McKinty and Ruth Hazleton

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Source: International Journal of Play (2022)

Early Years Learning in Australian Natural Environments

"Equip your students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to thrive outdoors in natural learning environments.

Early Years Learning in Australian Natural Environments provides pre-service and practising teachers with the knowledge and skills to connect children with nature through outdoor play and learning. Rich with contemporary theory, research, practical guidance and provocations, this text addresses a range of topics related to Immersive Nature Play Programs in the early years. These include the benefits of learning in natural spaces, First Nations People’s perspectives, understandings about pedagogical interactions and policies, and education for sustainability and risk management.

Written by an experienced team of Australian authors, this book will support pre-service teachers in developing a deep understanding of how nature-based play and learning can promote children’s wellbeing and development."

Check out the Booktopia website for more information

Source: Fran Hughes, Sue Elliott, Karen Anderson, Barbara Chancellor

Nature Based Advocacy - a pathway to YES

Presented by Michelle Shaw, Wyndham City, this presentation outlines the pathway to order to develop and deliver a nature kindergarten program at Werribee Mansion, a first for Council. One of Wyndham’s most extraordinary Early Years Teachers, Michelle Shaw shares her story, the trials and tribulations and commitment that she needed to get a YES to make this happen.

Source: Early Years Series - Term 1, 2022

REBOOT Reimagining Physically Active Lives

The 2022 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People

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Source: Active Healthy Kids Australia March 2022

Intentional Teaching - Promoting purposeful practice in early childhood settings

Click here for this excellent resource from Anne Houghton.

This Intentional Teaching title helps educators in all settings to understand the principles of intentional teaching, and highlights how intentional teaching practices can support learning outcomes for children. It includes shared understandings of intentional teaching through conversation and reflection with many educators. Its purpose is to portray real and meaningful stories to highlight the ways in which educators have been intentional when planning for education and care with children. It features practical strategies with insight, humour and common sense which will resonate with educators of all levels.

Source: Anne Houghton - 2022

Play Well Outdoor Pack

Play Scotland, Save the Children and the Beano are delighted to launch the Play Well Outdoors pack, which is jam-packed with ideas to help you Get into Summer. The pack is designed for primary school children, but activities can easily be changed to suit younger or older children too.

Click here to view the Play Well Outdoor Pack

Source: Play Scotland & Save the Children 2022

Local Government Connect Session: 1000 Play Streets

Source: Online Learning Series - Play Australia March 2022

Children, Play and Crisis

Source: Robyn Monro Miller writes for Play Australia March 2022