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Can a Playground be too Safe? John Tierney PDF icon Can a Playground Be Too Safe?
Can Green Space and Bio Diversity Increase Physical Activity? Dr William Bird PDF icon Can Green Space and Bio Diversity Increase Physical Activity?
Central Park Nature, context and human well-being International Journal of Wellbeing, 1 (2), 235-254. doi:10.5502/ijw.v1i2.6 PDF icon Central Park Nature, context and human well being
Chain Play Australia PDF icon Chain
Changes to (primary) school recess and their effect on children’s physical activity: An Australian Perspective John Evans Deakin University PDF icon John Evans papar re recess and physical activity
Charter for Children's Play: Play England Play England PDF icon Play England - Charter for Children's Play
Child's Play Play Australia PDF icon Childs play particularly when it takes place in the great outdoors is a treasure chest of opportunities
Children and Nature: a quasi-systematic review of the empirical evidence Tim Gill for the London Sustainable Development Commission PDF icon Children and Nature - Literature Review, Tim Gill.pdf
Children With Attention Deficits Concentrate Better After Walk in the Park Journal of Attention Disorders OnlineFirst, published on August 25, 2008 PDF icon Children with Attention Deficits survive Better after a Walk in the Park
Children's perception of the use of public open space for active free-play Jenny Veitch, Jo Salmonand Kylie Ball PDF icon Veitch-et-al-2007-Children-Geographies