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Play Library

Title Source Download PDF or Follow the Link...
Playing that involves difficult themes such as loss, illness and death IPA PDF icon APC4-Playing-that-involves-difficult-themes-such-as-loss-illness-and-death.pdf
Thinking about your childs play IPA PDF icon APC3-Thinking-about-your-childs-play.pdf
Supporting your child's play during a crisis IPA PDF icon APC2-Supporting-your-childs-play-during-a-crisis.pdf
The importance of Play during a crisis IPA PDF icon APC1-The-importance-of-playing-during-a-crisis.pdf
The importance of play We the Parents

A fantastic free resource on the importance of play aimed at parents and all those involved in promoting play...

The anti-cottonwool schools where kids stare down risk in favour of nature play The ABC

Guidelines for the planning, installation and activation of outdoor fitness equipment Department of Health and Human Services PDF icon Guidelines for planning, installing and activating outdoor fitness equipment.docx_.pdf
Loose Parts Toolkit Play Wales PDF icon loose-parts-toolkit.pdf
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program Stephanie Alexander website PDF icon stephanie-alexander-program.pdf
The Physical Play and Motor Development of Young Children: A Review of Literature and Implications for Practice The Centre for Early Childhood Education

A Booklet for a Richer Understanding of Children’s Right to Play IPA PDF icon IPA-SCOTLAND-CHILDRENS-RIGHT-TO-PLAY-A5-BOOKLET-Web.pdf
Outdoor Safety Issues in Early Childhood Centres Mary Jeavons - Jeavons Landscape Architects PDF icon Outdoor Safety Issues in Early Childhood Centres
2016 State Conference Parks and Leisure Parks and Leisure PDF icon 2016 Conference Guide
Play For Wales Issue 46 Spring 2016 Play for Wales PDF icon Play for Wales issue 46 Spring 2016.pdf
From Strategy to Reality - The Bristow Smith Reserve Nature Playspace Story Alexandrina Council PDF icon BSR_Case_Study_Low_res_FINAL.pdf