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Play Library

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Cooped-Up Children Need Car-Free Play Streets, Say Experts Forbes Magazine

Project Wild Thing - Watch for Free! Vimeo

playing when you cannot go outside IPA PDF icon APC10-Playing-when-you-cannot-go-outside.pdf
Internet and screen based play - finding a balance IPA PDF icon APC9-Internet-and-screenbased-play-finding-a-balance.pdf
Make the most of your time outside IPA PDF icon APC8-Make-the-most-of-your-time-outside.pdf
Things to play with around your home IPA PDF icon APC7-Things-to-play-with-around-your-home.pdf
Messy play at home IPA PDF icon APC6-Messy-play-at-home.pdf
Managing play at home that feels noisy or destructive IPA PDF icon APC5-Managing-play-at-home-that-feels-noisy-or-destructive.pdf
Playing that involves difficult themes such as loss, illness and death IPA PDF icon APC4-Playing-that-involves-difficult-themes-such-as-loss-illness-and-death.pdf
Thinking about your childs play IPA PDF icon APC3-Thinking-about-your-childs-play.pdf
Supporting your child's play during a crisis IPA PDF icon APC2-Supporting-your-childs-play-during-a-crisis.pdf
The importance of Play during a crisis IPA PDF icon APC1-The-importance-of-playing-during-a-crisis.pdf
The importance of play We the Parents

A fantastic free resource on the importance of play aimed at parents and all those involved in promoting play...

The anti-cottonwool schools where kids stare down risk in favour of nature play The ABC

Guidelines for the planning, installation and activation of outdoor fitness equipment Department of Health and Human Services PDF icon Guidelines for planning, installing and activating outdoor fitness equipment.docx_.pdf