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Play Library

Title Source Download PDF or Follow the Link...
How Play Streets supports the development of physical literacy in children: A research review Latrobe Centre for Sport and Social Impact

Tackling Loneliness with Resident Led Street Play Playing Out UK

Play Things: Loose Parts Play in Good Times and Bad IPA

Improving safe access to street space for children's play and activity Professor Alison Stenning and Dr Wendy Russell PDF icon Improving safe access to street space for childrens play and physical activity
Public Health Open Letter to the Government PDF icon Public health calls on Government to enable safer streets
Convention on the Rights of the Child United Nations

Article 31 of The Convention on the Rights of the Child IPA

Cooped-Up Children Need Car-Free Play Streets, Say Experts Forbes Magazine

Project Wild Thing - Watch for Free! Vimeo

playing when you cannot go outside IPA PDF icon APC10-Playing-when-you-cannot-go-outside.pdf
Internet and screen based play - finding a balance IPA PDF icon APC9-Internet-and-screenbased-play-finding-a-balance.pdf
Make the most of your time outside IPA PDF icon APC8-Make-the-most-of-your-time-outside.pdf
Things to play with around your home IPA PDF icon APC7-Things-to-play-with-around-your-home.pdf
Messy play at home IPA PDF icon APC6-Messy-play-at-home.pdf
Managing play at home that feels noisy or destructive IPA PDF icon APC5-Managing-play-at-home-that-feels-noisy-or-destructive.pdf