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If you want to organise a Play Street with your neighbours and temporarily close your quiet residential street to through traffic, your Local Government will likely require you to obtain a permit.

Note- not all Local Governments support Play Streets, as it’s a movement that’s relatively new.  You may be the first resident to enquire about Play Streets, just remember, all good ideas need to start somewhere!

Watch our video to hear what Communities have to say about the movement

Get involved and host a Play Street by

following these 3 simple steps


1. Talk to your neighbours to see if they want to get involved

Download a letter template that you could use to invite your neighbours together to discuss the idea.

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2. Contact your Local Government for help and share our FREE toolkit

Here’s two email templates to help you advocate for the support you need.

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3. Host a play street and promote on your favorite social platform using #1000PlayStreets

What are communities saying about 1000 Play Streets

Lisa Moore - Play Street Host & Local Resident

"The ultimate benefit is to build a better community, so we all know each other and can look out for each other. If anyone needs a hand they know where to go to, and it’s about building long lasting friendships as well."

Lisa Moore

Play Street Host & Local Resident

Rachel Turner - Parent and Local Resident

"What I love about Play Streets is the community spirit and the interaction that kids have with each other, their neighbours, people they’re growing up with, and what adults have as a connection with others as well."

Rachel Turner

Parent and Local Resident

Warren Evert - Parent and Local Resident

"I’ve certainly met a lot more people including those who I didn’t realise live two-doors away, as you don’t see them typically …it’s been good to bring the community together."

Warren Evert

Parent and Local Resident

Courtney Ishiguchi - Parent and Local Resident

"Seeing the kids out on the street, riding their bikes, scooters, playing tennis, it’s really great to see."

Courtney Ishiguchi

Parent and Local Resident

Community Interest Register

You can also enter your details here on our Community Interest Register so we can keep you informed about 1000 Play Streets, AND if your Local Government becomes a campaign supporter, we can pass on your contact information.

IMPORTANT – Play Australia does not organise Play Street sessions, our role is to provide guidance to Local Governments across Australia about how to 
make Play Streets as easy as possible for local communities to get involved.

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