Play Australia Member co authors article for The Conversation website

Submitted by Admin on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 13:04

Praise for Play Australia member Kym Simoncini from the University of Canberra, who has co-authored this fascinating article for the very popular website  - 'The Conversation' and which has also been re posted on an ABC news website.

The article is titled 'Christmas shopping: Why blocks are still the best present you can buy children' and is a convincing argument for blocks over the latest technological devices aimed at toddlers and preschoolers.

Some of the quotes taken from the article include:

Blocks have been part of children's play for a long time. But there's still no other toy that compares in promoting all areas of children's development.

Many people are unaware of the research, but early mathematics skills are a better predictor of later school success than either early reading or social-emotional skills. Block play helps children understand many mathematical concepts in number, measurement and geometry.

When children play with blocks they hear and produce more words related to spatial reasoning including things such as beneath, above, next to, behind, and so on.

Looged in members can get in touch with Kym via her profile page on our website.

Kym Simoncini is an assistant professor in early childhood and primary education at the University of Canberra. Kevin Larki, who co-authored the article with her,  is a senior lecturer in mathematics education at Griffith University.