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Entrapment Tool

Play Australia has manufactured this entrapment tool for the benefit of our members, and we thank Paul Grover of Play DMC for the following text which details the finger entrapment measurements and how the tool should be used.

This all-in-one finger probe tool has 8, 8.6, 12 and 25mm diameter sections.

Openings >1m above the ground OR within the free space of equipment should be tested for finger entrapment.

An opening is considered a potential finger entrapment if the 8mm section can be inserted, but the 25mm section cannot pass through the opening.

Chains should be tested regardless of height. Chain openings are too large if the 8.6mm section can be inserted.

Chain connections (e.g. S-hooks) have the wrong sized opening if the 8.6mm section can be inserted, but the12mm section cannot be inserted.

Although this all-in-one tool does not have the AS4685 required lengths for the 4 separate probes, it provides an easy to carry, simple and quick method for checking most openings.

The information above has been reproduced on a card which will be sent with every finger entrapment tool for personal ongoing reference.


Non Members: $85.00 EACH - Inc GST, Postage and handling included.

You will be directed to Paypal to complete the transaction. We are unable to accept credit card over the phone or via email, and paying by invoice is not available for this item. 


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