March 2021 Playspace development: design, management, maintenance

Play Australia provides this 2 Day training program to enable all participants to access and understand both best practice and current Playground Standards applicable to the management, development, design and maintenance of playspaces throughout Australia today.

This program is now full, please book in for the APRIL training session, to be held of the 28th and 29th of April 2021. 

The objectives of this program are to enable participants to:

Playspace 2 Day Training 2021

  • apply the new and current Australian Standards to the design of equipment and facilities; 
  • manage the development and operation of effective maintenance programs in accord with current Playgorund Standards; and,
  • enable participants to access ideas and support to assist in the creative processes in playspace  development.

The program is designed for people working in the government and non-government sectors, involved in the design, operation and management of play equipment and playspaces.

A range of training methods will be utilised to ensure that the program meets the needs of all participants. Information presentations and on site case studies will be included.

The presenters are the leaders in their field and have unrivalled expertise and experience in the key areas of Australian Standards, design and maintenance of play equipment and facilities.

Benefits to participants

  • Increased knowledge and commitment to the importance of safety for children and young people in the use of playgrounds and play equipment;
  • Increased ability to better manage playgrounds and to protect organizations from liability;
  • Increased knowledge, and inspiration for innovation in design and development of play opportunities for children, in particular, on issues relating to access to playgrounds for all groups of children;
  • Increased number of people trained across the state and particularly in rural Australia which will enable competition and affordable and accessible services as required;
  • An improved capacity to share good practice across the play community;
  • An ongoing communication flow of current information on Australian Standards and relevant safety issues to persons accredited and working in the area. 

Feedback from participants will be requested as a key part of the on-going monitoring and review process of the program.


Play Australia members receive the discounted rate.*

GST inclusive:

  • $990.00 non member
  • $825.00 member

Play Australia members will be emailed a DISCOUNT CODE to enter in order to access the discounted cost.

Play Australia members and the public can book and pay immediately online for their training via PayPal Secure Payment Method with either their paypal account or by providing their credit card details to PayPal. Play Australia is unable to accept credit card details over the phone.

Alternatively both members and the public can pay via EFT or cheque made out to Play Australia.

A tax invoice will be issued following your online registration.

Your registration will be confirmed following receipt of payment.

*Please note, if an organisation is a Play Australia member, all staff at that organisation are eligible for member rates.

Issues to be Addressed in the Program:

Risk Managment

  • Philosophy of risk management
  • Injury causation and prevention principles
  • Injury data
  • Legal issues and liability/risk management
  • Difference between a risk and a hazard
  • Hierarchy of rules and regulations
  • Play Australia Best Practice policy
  • Current Australian Standards for playgrounds
  • Early Childhood requirements
  • Different types of playgrounds
  • Playground areas-siting, layout and functional design
  • Fall zones and ground surface issues
  • Playground equipment – design specifications
  • Functional aspects of equipment
  • Common safety problems with equipment
  • Structural strength, height of equipment, entrapment, protrusions, sharpness
  • slip hazards, tripping hazards, falls from platforms, safety in a complex
  • Equipment item names
  • Guidance
  • Describing the problem
  • Use of the collected information
  • Safety Audits
  • Record Keeping
  • Installation
  • Supervision
  • Access for all issues
  • Standards and/or Regulations re disability
  • Detailed design issues
  • Role of shade
  • Standards details of play equipment
  • How to conduct a safety audit
  • Structure and detail of a safety audit report
  • Assessment of play precinct, siting and layout, access, diversity and age
  • suitability, play equipment combinations
  • Assessment of play value of equipments
  • Details of equipments
  • Compliances
  • Opinions
  • Recommendationss
  • Hierarchy of timeliness
  • Use of photographss


  • Use of inspections
  • Safety assessments
  • Pre design approval
  • Post installation
  • Cost:
  • Need to plan
  • Key maintenance items
  • Timetable for staff
  • Issues for inspections
  • Damage
  • Wear
  • Protrusions
  • Ground surface
  • Overall surrounds
  • Issues for inspections
  • Site – fences, gates, accesses, pathways, seats, rubbish bins, signage, taps, toilets
  • Ground surface
  • Equipment : Structure – footings & stability, bending, breaking, warping, cracking,
  • loosening of parts.
  • Surface finish – protective coating missing, rust or other corrosion, cracks or splinters,
  • Wear, openings, gaps
  • Connections- loose, missing, protruding, wrong
  • Edges – sharp points or edges and protrusion.
  • Pinch or crush points – exposed mechanisms, junctures or moving components.
  • Mechanical devices and other moving parts – worn bearings, lack of lubrication, seizure or excessive motion, unduly noisy motion, missing covers.
  • Guard or hand rails – missing, bent, broke, loose.
  • Access – missing or broken rungs, steps or treads, loosening.
  • Swing and other seats – missing, damaged, loosened, sharp corners, insecure fittings.
  • Ground cover-distribution, compaction, debris
  • Components-wear, missing, damaged, loose
  • Trees and plants-damaged, limbs, seeds, cracks
  • Drainage, amenities, paths, obstructions
  • Steps to Better Maintenance
  • Consider timing issues
  • Understand why maintenance is important
  • Know the relevant Standard
  • Schedule inspections regularly- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Note special requirements of manufacturer
  • Use a checklist or prompt
  • Record findings, observations and actions
  • Have appropriate spare parts available
  • Isolate or remove unserviceable equipment
  • Ongoing management of asset : replace, repair, remove, costs associated
March 24th, 2021 9:00 AM through March 25th, 2021 4:00 PM
Conference Room - Westerfolds Park
Fitzsimons Lane, VIC 3106
Mobile: 0419 363 666
Event Fee(s)
Price $ 990.00 (includes GST of $ 90.00)