The Pandemic Play Project - documenting kids' culture during COVID-19

International Journal of Play (2022)

"The Pandemic Play Project came about because of a moment in history shared by people around the globe, coupled with a recognition of the importance of play in children's lives. This project explored the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the play lives of Australian children. Because of coronavirus restrictions, it was carried out almost entirely online, during one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world. In 2020, some Australian children spent more time in lockdown than at school with their friends. This highlighted differences in play opportunities, based on where they lived. It also revealed the creative efforts that enabled children to stay playful at home during lockdown. In schoolyards around Australia, the coronavirus permeated children’s play as they adapted their games, rhymes and songs to this new theme, and played according to new rules that were not of their own making, and therefore outside their control."

Authors: Judy McKinty and Ruth Hazleton

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