The Directory of Good Design

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From the 202020 Team.

The Directory of Good Design is our big listing of urban green space inspiration, from perfect parks through to food gardens and inspirational new developments...

We're​ excited to announce the launch of The Directory of Good Design to recognise excellence and innovation in urban green space design and showcase best-practice green space design solutions that create vibrant urban spaces around Australia.


The directory ​is an online resource and collaborative forum where professionals, government, community members and the public can share their ​projects, ​experiences and knowledge.


To celebrate this​,​ we partnered with Good Design Australia to create the very first Green Design Award to celebrate the important role of green and living infrastructure design to our built environment.


​The ​inaugural ​202020 Vision 2016 Green Design Awar​d was won by​ The Goods Line, designed by ASPECT Studios​ ​with design partner CHROFI​, ​for its innovative design that transformed a once dull, isolated industrial corridor into a vibrant green space in the heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour.


Sacha Coles, Director of ASPECT Studios says, ​ “We are honoured to receive industry recognition of The Goods Line as a valuable piece of social, green infrastructure that highlights the potential that many of Sydney’s underused or forgotten spaces offer to developing more innovative, sustainable and connected communities.”


Through our media partnership with The Australian we have also developed a special digital magazine to feature this and some of the other top projects from the Directory. Click here to read now.