Our Partners

Our Partners

One of our key values at Play Australia is BE CONNECTED FOR CHANGE as we believe that the fastest and most impactful way to create big change is to work with others who care about the same things we do.

We are grateful to have formed strong connections with an array of important organisations and individuals.

our funding partners

We recognise the generosity and support of our financial partners who provide us with essential funding to deliver our work.





our business partners



Our operations are underpinned by a group of committed partners who are unwavering in their support and we thank them.




our national strategic partners


We are also fortunate to be connected with the following national peak bodies and leading thinkers who actively support our mission “to promote the value of play and help all Australians to play every day."








Please note, if you’re a local community-based organisation or individual seeking to promote Play Australia’s key messages and your commitment to play, we very much appreciate your support and ask that you become a Member. Membership entitles you to use the Play Australia Member Logo, Member Signage and our ‘value of play’ digital campaign assets.