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Play Library

Title Source Download PDF or Follow the Link...
Play in schools; Problems and prospects John Evans Deakin University PDF icon John Evans paper to the 2001 AGM Play in Schools, Problems and Prospects
Changes to (primary) school recess and their effect on children’s physical activity: An Australian Perspective John Evans Deakin University PDF icon John Evans papar re recess and physical activity
Beyong Blue to Green: the benefits of contact with nature for mental health and well being Mardie Townsend - Deakin University PDF icon Beyond Blue to Green, Mardie Townsend.pdf
Play in Schools and Integrated Settings: a position statement Play England PDF icon Play in Schools and Integrated settings
Manual for Streets in England and Wales Department of Transport PDF icon Manual for Streets, in England and Wales.pdf
Global 'Age-Friendly' Cities - a Guide World Health Organization PDF icon Global Age Friendly Cities, World Health Organization.pdf
Ten Ways to Restrict Children’s Freedom to Play: the problem of surplus safety Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood: Volume 11 Number 3 2010 PDF icon 10 ways to restrict childrens access to play.pdf
Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why children need to play in school Alliance for Children PDF icon Crisis in the Kindergarten Why Children Need to Play in School
Children With Attention Deficits Concentrate Better After Walk in the Park Journal of Attention Disorders OnlineFirst, published on August 25, 2008 PDF icon Children with Attention Deficits survive Better after a Walk in the Park
Children and Nature: a quasi-systematic review of the empirical evidence Tim Gill for the London Sustainable Development Commission PDF icon Children and Nature - Literature Review, Tim Gill.pdf
Weathering the Future: Climate Change, Children and Young People, and Decision Making The Australian National University PDF icon ARACY climate change report March 2011 FINAL full1-1.pdf
A Built Environment for All Ages KT Equal PDF icon A Built Environment for All Ages
Play Strategies Children's Play Council, UK PDF icon UK Government, PlayStrategy
Fair Play: a consultation on play strategy UK Government PDF icon UK Government, Fair Play
Design for Play: a guide for creating successful play spaces Play England PDF icon Play England, design-for-play.pdf