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Show and Tell Your Street - Tyrone Avenue, Campbelltown SA


Campbelltown SA May 2021

Campbelltown City Council in South Australia is collecting, recording and showcasing our connected streets. In this video, we celebrate Tyrone Avenue in Campbelltown, where residents have come together and built a connections and relationships with one another.

Click here to view the Tyrone Avenue project.


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From Strategy to Reality - The Bristow Smith Reserve Nature Playspace Story


Alexandrina Council

Congratulations to Alexandrina Council for compiling this great account of Bristow Smith Reserve Nature Playspace. Congratulations also to WAX Design on developing this wonderful space. This document a great example of post evaluation of a project. In a demanding world of expectations of delivery and moving onto the next project, it’s so valuable to evaluate and celebrate what has been accomplished.

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